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Bikanervala Chana Almond Bite 500 Gm

Enjoy this delicacy made of gram and dryfruits.

Bikanervala Dhoda Special 500 Gm

PRODUCT DESCRIPTION A royal sweet made from wheat flour and milk solids and blended with lavish quantities of cashew nuts, prepared in pure desi ghee.

Traditional Indian sweet Atta laddoo

Traditional Indian sweet Atta laddoo Online: A delightful treat for any occasion or a festival. Win the hearts of your

Besan Laddoo

Besan Laddo Online Delivery in Hyderabad: A classic specialty besan laddoo sweets from Bikanervala sweet made from Gram Flour, Sugar,

Bikanervala Kaju Katli 500 Gm

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Bikanervala Milk Cake 500 Gm

A evergreen traditional Indian sweet made of milk solids, perfect for any taste buds.

Bikanervala Halwa Karanchi 750 Gm

The finest quality of karachi halwa made with pure desi ghee and dry fruits.

Bikanervala Kaju Roll 500 Gm

A royal sweet made from cashews and set into rolls and garnished with saffron in a beautiful gift box.

Bikanervala Mewa Bites Assorted 480 Gms

Send Bikanervala Mewa Bites Assorted to your loved ones in hyderabad from

Bikanervala Laddu Bikaneri 750 Gm

An all time favourite balls of big boondi made of gram flour. These laddoos are hard to resist.

Bikanervala Pinni Special 750 Gm

PRODUCT DESCRIPTION A zestful sweet box is just ready to eat. This sweet gift box has the traditional Indian mithai known as 'Badam Pinni' prepared in pure desi ghee.

Bikanervala Special Patisa Desi Ghee 750 Gm

PRODUCT DESCRIPTION A delicious Indian flaky and layered sweet made from wheat flour, besan, turmeric in pure desi ghee. The sweet is enriched with melon seeds, pistachios, almonds in plenty. The crunch in each bite makes it a perfect choice for any festivity