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Bikanervala Special Patisa Desi Ghee 750 Gm

(Approx. $ 16.16)
PRODUCT DESCRIPTION A delicious Indian flaky and layered sweet made from wheat flour, besan, turmeric in pure desi ghee. The sweet is enriched with melon seeds, pistachios, almonds in plenty. The crunch in each bite makes it a perfect choice for any festivity

Almond house Kaju Mix Sweets

 1,300.00 2,450.00
(Approx. $ 0.21 - $ 0.39)
Buy almond house sweets almond house Hyderabad Buy and send delicious kaju mix sweets from almond house online delivery in

Bikanervala Halwa Sohan 750 Gm

(Approx. $ 17.04)
PRODUCT DESCRIPTION Soan Halwa is a delicious Indian mithai, perfect for any occasion. This rich brown mithai will leave your taste buds craving for more.

Meetha Namkeen Dry fruit Mix sweets

(Approx. $ 22.11)
Meetha Namkeen Dryfruit Mix sweets Online Delivery in Hyderabad: Beautiful Golden Meetha Namkeen Dryfruit Mix, which makes every moment special. This all-time

Bikanervala Katli Kesar Kaju 750 Gm

(Approx. $ 22.11)
PRODUCT DESCRIPTION A rich and exotic sweet prepared from the goodness of Cashew nuts and Kesar.

Bikanervala Kaju Kalash 750 Gm

(Approx. $ 22.74)
PRODUCT DESCRIPTION Pure kaju Delicacy in the shape of traditional kalash garnished with almonds, and pistachios flakes

Diamond mix sweet box 750 Gm

(Approx. $ 23.38)
Bikanervala Diamond mix sweet box Online in Hyderabad: Delicious Diamond Mix Sweets by Bikanervala. This is an Exotic sweet box

Bikanervala Chocolate Kaju Katli 750 Gm

(Approx. $ 24.71)
Bikanervala Chocolate Kaju Katli sweet Online in Hyderabad. Precious and magnificent as diamonds, these diamond-cut Bikanervala Chocolate Kaju katli are made entirely

Bikanervala Kaju Katli n Dry Fruits

(Approx. $ 28.36)
PRODUCT DESCRIPTION 500 gm Kaju Katli 600 gm Dry Fruits
This includes Almonds, Pistachio, Cashewnuts, Raisins (kishmish) arranged in a round platter with Bikanervala Kaju Katli.

Golden Super Kaju Mix Sweets

(Approx. $ 28.51)
Bikanervala Golden Kaju mix sweets Online Delivery in Hyderabad: A delightful and special treat that makes every occasion memorable. Delicious